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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 1 – 5:

Packed full of action, deceit and utter terrorization, this week was fabulous on so many levels – and a great way to head into February Sweeps. Honestly, I find that the show has been so good lately, one would think that the exciting sweeps storylines had started a few months back – and things just keep getting better. Let’s start with John and Brody’s brilliant breakaway plan, which led up to the rest…

These two cops are a match made in legal heaven – even if they were both just kicked off the force. The scene at the courthouse unfolded perfectly – even I wasn’t totally convinced that John hadn’t been shot in order to further their plan to escape. It was nice seeing the EMTs on Brody and John’s side as well, and when Natalie appeared as the getaway driver, that was the icing on the cake. I had to laugh when Marty was left behind to take the fall – talk about getting the short end of the stick, again… Not because she was arrested but for her comment to Cole about there being something so familiar about the getaway driver – something she just couldn’t put her finger on. If Marty is anything, she’s definitely not selfish – putting her neck out there for John… I’ll give her props for that. Though I realize Bo needs to be with Nora and the kids in Texas, I would’ve liked to have seen Bo more involved in these scenes, but all in all, they were great, especially with Natalie racing through the tree-lined country road, screaming at the cops in pursuit, “Eat my dust!”

I’m not really sure why the scenes with Todd and Tea, and Markko, Langston, Ford, Starr and Dani were even included in the episodes this week. They would have been better served in one episode together rather than throwing them here and there into the mix with the bigger storylines that took up most of the episodes’ hour.

I realize Dorian is using Charlie to help her make the world Mitch-free, but her joke about giving Charlie the key to the city, as mayor, to compensate for his son’s death was pretty bad. Who does she think she is, the mayor of Munchkin City, in the little suburb of Oz? Her comment alone sounded like it was taken straight from “The Wizard of Oz,” and even though there were no apparent munchkins running around, bringing her lollipops and ballerinas, the comment was made in true Dorian fashion. You either love her or hate her. She’ll never change.

Just when we thought the writers couldn’t take Jessica down any crazier roads, they went and had Mitch shock the crap out of her – literally – in order to provide him with a clean slate, with no past memories of her hatred for him. I can’t say that I’m totally against this new twist, as it’ll be interesting to see her revert back to her – oops, I almost spoiled it for those who haven’t seen the spoilers, but let me tell you, it’ll make for some sad, fun and interesting months to come. If Brody’s going to have another breakdown, and end up in St. Anne’s, now’s the time for him to do so.

Stacy and her fake labor… Makes you wonder how many times she’s practiced going through the pains because this was one of the most realistic scenes that Stacy has appeared in since day one of her arrival – minus her pouring water on the floor as she screamed through the fake contractions, “My water just broke!” You know what they say about too little too late… Speaking of which, Schuyler finally bucked up and decided to do the right thing – to tell Gigi the truth, which fell into place nicely – after Rex and Gigi exchanged their blessings for Gigi to be with Schuyler, and Rex to be with Stacy. However, he couldn’t quite make it to Gigi, and Nurse Hatchet, I mean Charles, kidnapped the vessel, Stacy, and delivered her to the messenger, Mitch. It’s all downhill from here, boys and girls… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!