Due to injuries, One Life to Live actor
Kamar de los Reyes’s role as Antonio Vega will be temporarily recast. The news comes as a shock to many, leaving fans wondering if Antonio will ever be the same again. I can assure you, again, this is only temporary.

While executing a stunt, Kamar painfully tore a rotator cuff. Although Kamar expects to be back to work shortly after his surgery, Robert Montano (ex-Sergio ATWT ) will take over the role sometime in April. For now, I leave you with a note from Kamar de los Reyes. To you, the fans�

“I appreciate the overwhelming support you all have given me at this time and I wanted you to hear the news directly from me. I am so sorry to announce to you that I must step down and be recast for a short period of time due to my injuries. This has been such a trying time for me, the torn rotator cuff and the herniations are causing other problems that will not allow me to continue at the pace my storyline currently requires. I have given all that I have to the character of Antonio Vega but my health is mandating my full attention at this time. I plan to make a full and complete recovery and return to work not much more than a week after my surgery.”

“During my absence there will be a recast for my character. This is a very important time for Antonio and Jessica; I hope that you will continue to support this storyline, and show as much support for this new actor as Antonio as you have for me.”

“Your prayers and heartfelt well wishes are very much appreciated. I hope to see all of you very soon.”

Kamar de los Reyes”

To learn more about Kamar and his career, please visit his official website at Kamar de los Reyes!