Credit: Jason, Bree and Kristen (ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

Updated on February 17:

Here’s some photos of the cast, who are now settled into their new home at the One Life to Live studios at 320 West 66th street in New York City, NY!

Previously Reported on January 28:

By now most are aware of the upcoming studio change for One Life to Live. Last week Terrell Tilford (Greg Evans) told that the cast and crew would be making the move in a couple of weeks explaining, “The new studio will be 30% larger, freshly painted, better cameras and there’ll be enough dressing rooms to go around for everyone. I’ll have to travel a few more blocks down the hill, but I’d rather be trudging through the snow than walking into the unemployment line. I have a feeling a lot more actors will be looking for new bikes. That’s what we’ll be asking the studio for, a new bike rack.”