Terrell & Victoria Pre-Oscar Party/Black Ent. Mag

Fans may not know this, but One Life to Live actor Terrell Tilford (Greg Evans) is the Director/Curator for the Tilford Art Group, which is dedicated to promoting emerging artists from all over the world, while designating a space for them to promote their work, engage in artistic discussions, education and celebrations, and he took some time to give Soaps.com a little more insight into his fine art group, their upcoming exhibition and how everything came to be. Terrell made it very clear that he didn’t start the gallery to showcase his own art work, never uses the gallery to show his work, and that it’s a completely separate entity from his work as an actor.

From February 12th through the 14th, the Tilford Art Group will be hosting a new exhibition in Midtown Manhattan. “We will be showcasing five different artists, two from New York, two from Los Angeles and one from Atlanta. There will be a number of actors from New York, as well as some of my supportive One Life to Live cast mates, in attendance. We may have some stars from “Law & Order ” and “Rescue Me” there too, but we’ll see.”

Knowing these exhibits must take a lot of time to prepare for, Terrell explained the in-depth process. “I have a system and create a timeline for myself. The staging for the invites are designed, go to the printer then are sent out to around 2500 people. I take a week to hang the work and figure out where everything fits, print up a price list, order the wine, get the DJ, etc. It’s a team of us who work to pull everything together.”

Most events in the gallery run over a month’s time, but there’s a reason that the February event is taking place over a weekend – a weekend that would normally mark an annual affair in New York. “The weekend of the event represents the historical National Black Fine Arts Show, which is usually held in New York, and led by Josh Wainwright, during that weekend. The NBFAS decided to take a break this year, due to the economy, but plans to return next year. In the past, the event has brought together 125 to 200 galleries and artists to the area. Artists from the fine art show called me and suggested we have an exhibit. We had a short amount of time, no time to get together with other galleries, but I decided to go ahead with it. We’ll be donating a portion of the profits to a local theatre company, the New Perspectives Theatre Company. With every exhibit we hold, we always donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations.” Over the years not only have actors Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett visited the gallery, Entertainment Tonight Magazine did a profile on Angela, who named the Tilford Art Group as one of her top 5 indulgences!