The pain is going to only get worse! (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 18 – 22:

This week seemed to be all about help – and who was going to who for it! While some were shown the door, others agreed to even the craziest of plans, but did you think they were right to do so, or were their emotions so high they couldn’t make a conscious decision? Let’s take a tour of Llanview together and dissect the week’s turn of events…

Kim and Stacy continue to pull rabbits out of their hat, and it amazes me. Kim is smarter than what I initially gave her credit for, and Schuyler, he’s just the opposite – dumber than I ever imagined him to be, going along with this latest ruse to steal some drugs, which is the reason his mother allowed Todd to blackmail her, to cover for Schuyler’s past drug theft, which incidentally led to Dr. Joplin’s suicide, in order to induce Stacy’s labor – to keep the February 14 due date. Though Schuyler may be content to sit back and let the bobbsey twins run the show, the way Kyle went after Stacy and Kim, to defend Fish’s honor, was something that Kim and Stacy shouldn’t soon forget. Fish may have quieted Kyle down for the moment, but I don’t think it would take much for him to explode.

Dorian set out and made contact with a hitman, via Mel’s ‘sign’, and Charlie being in the emotional state he’s in, couldn’t help himself – and agreed to take down evil Mitch. Alcoholic or not, Charlie is a grieving father, and though I truly think he knows that Dorian is using him for her own self gain, and that Viki would never approve, his pain runs too deep and the only way he can unburden himself, and protect his family, so he believes, is to kill Mitch.

Roxy’s roadhouse food-slinging rampage was a bright spot to the week. Though many don’t take her seriously, and rightfully so, over the years, we’ve seen Roxy evolve from a woman out to land a pot of gold, at the cost of anyone, including her children, which she still considers Natalie to be. Roxy’s bombshell demeanor has always been my favorite trait, but when she shows us she has a heart, and will defend her family in even the craziest of ways, that makes her an even more appealing character in my eyes.