Bo and David reconnect! (

Last week was so full of drama, and this week didn’t have nearly as much, but there were surely some new developments that warrant talking about… Read on to see what jumped out at me and be sure to leave me your favorite moments below!

How many of you were jumping for joy when Ross showed up in Tahiti? If you’ve read my blog since he was presumed dead, you know I was thanking my lucky Tahitian stars when I saw him lurking outside of his old surfer hideaway… where it all began, where Blair Cramer first found Ross and lured him back to Llanview, where he and Tea first made a home with Dani… When Ross told Dani the truth, that he wasn’t her father, my heart broke for them both. If Ross had to be resurrected, just to leave the canvas again, I am so happy that the writers left him as the decent, caring person who I knew Ross could be. And yes, I’m still holding out hope for another return one day – heck, maybe I’ll make a pitstop to Llanview next Christmas, pick up Dani and take her to Tahiti to visit him!

John’s release from his short arrest has dealt the cards out for another dangerous game of cat and mouse. While I’m overjoyed by the reconnection between him and Natalie, I’m not looking forward to another hero on a mission storyline, like the recent one involving the drug ring, not to mention the one that took place in Napa Valley. I think it’s just too soon – and basically, aside from Mitch, we’re going to see a lot of the same players involved. Blah… Maybe I’m jumping the gun, so I’ll give it a bit more time to see if the writers can draw me in, not bore me out.

Mitch going to Todd for a favor was almost laughable. What was initially a fun character return is turning into an over the top circus. Mitch’s demands as of late are becoming a bit repetitive, and if you’re thinking along the same lines as me, wondering when this will all end, I can assure you… This is only the beginning. Everything Mitch is doing, or trying to control, is going to lead up to a ‘sweeps storyline’ like you wouldn’t believe. Now with Kyle having the ammunition that Rex is not Stacy’s baby-daddy, so many scenarios could unfold as a result of this secret – and what Kyle decides to do with it. At the rate things are going, Stacy’s February 14 due date is going to make for a Valentine’s Day from hell!