DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Season: 54 -- Pictured: Kassie Depaiva as Eve Donovan -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
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“Nice guys finish last on daytime!”

When sat down to chat with Kassie DePaiva and Nathan Purdee about the movie they co-starred in together, Killian & the Comeback Kids, they also took a walk down memory lane about their beloved time on One Life to Live. While DePaiva’s Blair Cramer never hooked up with Purdee’s Hank Gannon, they humored us in imagining what the two characters would be up to in 2022 — especially if they were spending some quality time together.

DePaiva chimed right in, “If Blair is hanging with Hank, she’s probably turned her life around, he turned over a new leaf —  unless she has brought him into the dark side.”

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Their new movie gives us a glimpse of what might have been.

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As for Purdee, he thought a little edge to his character was a pretty good idea because, “Hank could use some dark side.” He then joked, “If Blair was with Hank, she would be bored out of her mind because he was so nice and good and role model-y.” In fact, the actor wished that Hank had retained some of the swagger he came onto the show with, because he “was kind of a badass and then he became a nicer guy.”

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Don’t interpret Purdee’s thoughts on Hank the wrong way though, he completely understands that “he was an important character to help drive the stories” on One Life to Live. “When I first joined the show, Hank had some attitude, and then as the show went on, Hank became nicer, and in my opinion, dumber about a lot of things,” he admitted. Calling himself “a team player from the start,” Purdee revealed that he began “to get bored with the character” because playing the good guy sometimes means “not having fun.” It resulted in him wanting to move on from the show. “I just wasn’t having fun, because I was being so nice… and nice guys finish last on daytime,” he laughed.

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