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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 4 – 9:

It’s nice to have things back to normal, no more pre-empts and plenty to talk about! I hope you all rang in the New Year right, so without waiting a moment longer let’s take a look at what 2010 brought to Llanview…

Good Ole’ Roxy… I was laughing my rear off when she strolled into Kyle’s room, climbed right into bed with the new lovebirds and began chatting about everything under the Llanview sun – and under Kyle and Fish’s sheets! Funniest line of the week, delivered during a very serious, and upsetting, scene for Roxy was… Roxy to Kyle, “You’re the gay son I never had.” I just love this character to death and would like to see her and David get in cahoots for a storyline – that would be the ultimate comical experience! You did hear that David will be returning to Llanview, right? Yep, come next week we’re going to see him come home and take on another snappy chic – Uncle Clint’s new stripper girl-toy.

Jessica and Natalie snapping at Nora, over her affair with Bo was a bit much. While I can see they were trying to defend their father’s honor, they’re all adults – and Nora and Bo’s love story of a lifetime shouldn’t be news to anyone in the entire Buchanan clan. It hasn’t been for years… David, who just realized he was a Buchanan, even remembered their strong connection. With all the drama going on in their lives, the whole scene made the twins look like a couple of bratty children. If anything, they should be keeping their eyes on Kim before she gets her claws into Daddy Dearest. Speaking of Bo… It was commendable that he tried to protect John and Natalie, after realizing there was more to Mitch’s stabbing than they had let on, and I have no doubt that John will keep his promise to Bo – to get to the bottom of Mitch’s involvement in the current police politics, but with Marty on John’s tail now, he’s going to have to face some emotional revelations of his own – concerning Natalie.

Even though Charlie took the ‘rather pushed leap’ – courtesy of Brody – and confessed his drinking to Viki, I think it’s going to take a lot more than Viki’s special touch to mother Charlie back on the wagon, especially with Mitch in town – and Dorian becoming more desperate by the second to get rid of him. It was nice to see Mel Hayes again, but unfortunately Dorian’s latest plans to ‘get rid’ of Mitch are sure to cause many unneeded consequences.

Poor Tea and Todd, just when they’re both finally on the same emotional page, they are forced apart. I enjoyed their goodbye scenes this week, as I did Dani and Matthew’s. Both were very touching, in their own different way, and they left the viewers with a hint at what’s to come… Tea and Dani may be in Tahiti now, but their unresolved ties to Llanview are sure to bring them back – and wait until they find out that Ross is alive!