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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 14 – December 18:

It was a really short week in Llanview, but there’s always excitement to be had – especially when a Buchanan unlocks their gun cabinet! Here’s a bit of what stood out for me this week…

I am so glad that this Bo/Nora/Clint mess is all out in the open. Clint was a bit over the top to take aim at his wife and brother, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a scorned Buchanan man – and when Kim called and invited Clint to ease his sorrows at her place, I couldn’t help but laugh. Not because the idea of Clint running to Kim was a joke, but when did Rex’s loft become ‘her place’? I was very happy to see that Clint did his homework, after all, by doing a background check on Kim, and it was nice seeing Kim squirm a bit, wondering if she was going to lose her job. Props to the writers for redeeming what could have been a ridiculous pairing. And Matthew taking his first steps gave the family some much needed good news to counteract the mess that they are all finding themselves in this holiday season.

What do I have to say about Nick’s obvious ploy to break up Kyle and Fish… Not much, other than Nick’s scenes were unbearable to watch. Nick may have true feelings for Kyle, who already knows Nick wasn’t too happy about their break-up, but the way Nick is trying to manipulate the situation… I think he needs to go back to Llanview High, not as a substitute teacher again, but as a student – because he’s acting like a catty little teenage boy.

I’m not sure which was worse, Mitch suggesting that Dorian fire Bo, so he, or one of his minions, can take over as Commissioner, or him asking Stacy to give him her baby in exchange for Rex? In the end, Mitch came out on top… Though Stacy was clearly disturbed by the thought, she did appear to consider Mitch’s proposal, and Dorian, well, we all know how much she loves her Cramer girls – and the lengths she’ll go to protect them. The scene with Fish and Stacy outside of Mitch’s room was brilliant and tied in perfectly to what Mitch was saying to Fish – that he’ll never produce a child due to his sexuality. It’s very clear that Stacy’s baby is going to be a huge factor in this storyline! As an added note, I know there have been some rumors going around claiming that Roscoe Born (Mitch), whose return was never meant to be long-term, has been fired, but I talked to ABC, and they verified that Mitch’s storyline is just getting started and will go into February Sweeps.