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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 14 – December 18:

What a tough week in soapland it was for me … Not only am I grieving Ross, I’m grieving Ross. Wait, didn’t I say that already? Yep, looks like I did – and I just can’t help it because, yes, I’m still grieving Ross. I’m a huge fan of Michael Lowry’s, and I just wish the writers would have taken his character in another direction. At least they never found his body, so maybe he’ll return one day…Until then, time doesn’t stop for anyone, so let’s get on with my blog…

The location shoot, on the bridge, was executed perfectly. The excitement with not knowing what Ross would do next made up for Tea’s screaming, but in the end, it was Todd’s paternal attachment to Dani, and his need to try to comfort her, as only a father could, that had me wanting more. I’m so enjoying this side of Todd. I always knew it was there, and that he loved his kids, but he’s usually trying to scheme to get what he wants, or to get closer to them, so this is a breath of fresh air. However, just when Todd is ready to be and act like a real father, Dani wants nothing to do with him and, in fact, blames him for the death of the man she thinks was her father. Whew, things are a mess, aren’t they, but in this writer’s eyes, it’s just how I want to see this storyline play out from here… However, I would have liked for Todd to confide the truth to Starr – that she has a sister in Llanview. If you haven’t seen the new video promo for what Dani has planned for Todd, please view it in the OLTL News Room.

I can’t help saying this, but when Rex insisted that he and Gigi take a break from each other, did any of you think Gigi acted as though she was a child being punished rather than a woman who was losing the love of her life? Her actions only proved to me that although I have no doubt she loves Rex, Schuyler’s place in her life goes way beyond friendship. I already see Stacy’s wheels turning, and though Schuyler is a bit conflicted with his decision to keep the truth from Gigi, for numerous reasons, he’s going to be a major pawn in Stacy’s game to manipulate Rex further.

Clint finally got a clue and was given Bo and Nora’s heads on a platter by Neval. Everything about this storyline has me cracking up. I’m not a fan of Clint and Nora, but Clint is supposed to be a smart man, one who happens to have a family in crisis right now, and yet he stooped to Kim’s level and made it so Nora found him in bed with her? Give me a break. Though I’m not condoning Bo and Nora’s non-sexual affair, the whole scene with Clint and Kim was childish. As far as I’m concerned, Clint knew firsthand that Bo and Nora had the love story of a lifetime, so it shouldn’t be a big shocker to him that their bond over Matthew pulled them back together. To be fair, Bo and Nora should have been straight with Clint in the beginning, extenuating circumstances or not. In the end, I think everyone involved is going to be much happier, once the dust settles, then they’ll be ready to move on to the next rash of drama coming their way.