Updated on January 4:

Snoop Dogg will be making an appearance on “The View” on Thursday January 7. Whether this is a repeat, or if Snoop will finally give us the preview into his upcoming Llanview appearance that was promised to us back in December, stay tuned, as Soaps.com will be watching – and will bring you the details!

Previously Reported on December 15:

Soaps.com reported that rapper Snoop Dogg would be making his return to Llanview on February 24, 2009, and we were able to catch the man himself on today’s “The View!”

Snoop showed up on the set of “The View” with gifts for each of the ladies: cupcake hats – and his new CD for Joy! After briefly talking about a recent nationwide scandal that has rocked the entertainment world, along with his marriage, and how he’s incorporated his career into his home life, Snoop announced that his new CD, “Malice N’ Wonderland,” was written for all of the women out there – minus a few less profanity tags that Snoop’s music is known for!

Though no sneak peeks were previewed for his upcoming appearance, you can expect him to be in scenes with Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) and Destiny Evans (Shenell Edmonds) – just to name a few! Speaking of Destiny, could it be that Matthew will seek out his father’s help for ideas as to how to repay Destiny back for helping him through this tragic time in his life? And we all know that Snoop is a personal friend of Bo’s, so stay tuned!

Soaps.com can’t wait to see Snoop rock our Daytime screens again! If you didn’t hear his special recording of the show’s theme song, please check out the video at Snoop Dogg’s Remix of One Life to Live Theme Song!