The hostage situation escalates! (

Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (December 4 – December 7)

In my opinion, the writers have continued to deliver us excellent scenes, for the most part, for quite some time now, and this week was no exception – and it was also huge for casting news! Join me now, and please, do leave me your opinions below, while we take a trip through what stood out for me in Llanview and beyond…

There was a lot of romance that went on, and though Cris and Layla finally gave in to their passions and made love, Fish and Kyle were interrupted… I think, given Fish’s nervousness, that it was good that they were interrupted – and the fact that it was because of Nick will only test their love. I think this is something that the couple needs. Granted, it took them years to face the fact that they belonged together, but Fish said it himself, he didn’t know how to ‘come out’ publically, or how to be ‘half of a couple’, it’s best that they take things slow, as not to have Fish become too overwhelmed then do something that could ruin everything he and Kyle have fought for. I sympathize for Nick. No one should ever be attacked like that, for any reason, but I think Nick is going to depend on Kyle a lot in the coming months – and, in turn, come between Kyle and Fish.

It was strange watching the actor who played the biggest bully in the hate group, Donovan Patton, in the role of Dan, since he became a huge part of my household, through many mornings of watching him as the chipper, friendly Joe on Nickelodeon’s “Blue Clues” while my kids were little. When I heard he was going to be cast in the part, I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t fit the role, but he preformed realistically in the role of Llanview’s latest hate group leader – props to Donovan for proving to be an all-around actor in my book.

Rex and Gigi clearly aren’t what they used to be… Granted, it’s not by any fault of their own – not initially, anyway, but with all the outside forces trying to drag them down, and now with Mitch added to Rex’s emotional plate, and Gigi being hung up on Schuyler, I think the best thing for these two is to take some time away from each other to sort out their relationship. Unfortunately, Shane will suffer the most through this, but this situation isn’t getting any better – and now Stacy is at it again, stealing Mitch’s blood, it’s best to let the chips fall where they may.