Llanview's biggest political joke! (Soaps.com)

Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (November 30 – December 4)

Coming off the relaxing Thanksgiving holiday, which I hope you had as well, it was nice to get back to work and into the excitement of Llanview. The week turned out to be mostly a Mitch-fest, but let’s take a look at what I enjoyed and what I completely despised…

Poor Jared couldn’t even be given a proper funeral, due to Mitch’s latest charade – and his diabolical display of jumping out of Jared’s casket! Here’s where the Mitch-fest began this week… Of course, I expected everyone to be completely traumatized by Mitch’s appearance, but the one part that stood out for me was right before John and Bo were taking Mitch away, when he stopped in front of Rex and instructed his new son that ‘they had work to do’. Chills crept up my spine at the thought of Mitch getting his hands on a new disciple, in this case, Rex. I was very happy to see that Brody was able to restrain himself against beating the hell out of the devil himself – pun intended! I like Brody as a cop and want him to stay that way.

Natalie broke my heart at the cemetery when she held the picture of the Texas Ranch, closed her eyes, laid against the coffin and told Jared she was going to picture him there, waiting for her to return home… Melissa Archer has done a fabulous job portraying a mourning widow. As for Charlie, though he knows that it was his drinking that initially caused a man to die, and Jared to keep his secret, which inadvertently contributed to the circumstances of Jared’s death, he wasn’t able to fight the bottle after his confrontation with Mitch. I feel for this character but hope, with Viki by his side, Charlie will once again be able to overcome his demons.

Kim preyed on Clint during his time of grief, and Stacy stupidly made a comment to Mitch’s photo saying how much she liked him already – for causing Rex to feel protective of her, because of the baby, which was the only reason. These two go from bad to worse, and I’m finding it painfully hard to even spare the time to comment on them at all – and I am sick to death of these near misses of Stacy being found out with her fake baby belly.

The scenes in London with David slipping up to Kevin about Bo and Nora’s affair led to not only Kevin choosing to keep their infidelity a secret, but it had the manservant in training, Neval, heading to Llanview to do the right thing – to keep the Buchanan loyalty intact. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nigel, and I have the same fanfare for Neval, as these two add so much character to the show! However, should Neval manage to reveal the secret to Clint, I’m sure Nigel will also have to teach him when to be loyal, in what circumstance and to who! Though it would help cushion the blow, for Clint, if Neval went to Nigel first, with the secret, so Nigel could handle the situation properly, I’d really like to see Neval try his hand at confronting Clint head-on with it.