An unlikely threesome! (

Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (November 23 – 25)

What’s the old saying about ‘a little is better than nothing’? Even though we only had three days in Llanview this week, we can’t deny that they weren’t emotionally-filled episodes, which will have to tide us over until next week when secrets are uncovered, explanations are handed out in full force and the fab group, The All-American Rejects, perform! However, for now, let’s spend Thanksgiving Eve looking over what stood out for me…

We went from Todd saving Blair from Ross last week to Todd pulling Tea out of Ross’ clutches this week, so I have to wonder… Are you enjoying Todd being the rescuer or would you rather see someone being rescued from Todd – like we’re used to? When he realized that Dani was his, his main goal was to get his daughter away from Ross – and he even called her ‘sweetheart’ while calmly trying to make sense of the news and reason with the furious child – who only thought Todd and Tea were out to harm her dad, Ross. Todd’s always been a historical villain in Daytime, but I have to admit, I’m enjoying this softer side of him – it really works for this storyline! And as far as Dani goes, she may have an attitude after having been shipped away to boarding school, but the Manning gene definitely has more to do with her recent actions – she just doesn’t realize the power of the gene yet.

I felt really bad for Roxy this week. Sure, I agree, the sensible thing for her to do would have been to tell the truth from the beginning – that Mitch was alive and was indeed Rex’s father, but we all know Roxy is far from sensible. When it comes down to it, she does love Rex and Natalie – that fact became clear years ago, after all her scheming – so, unfortunately, Roxy will find herself added to the long list of tortured souls in Llanview.

Jessica looked as though she was ready to break – even though she screamed at Brody, “I’m not going to break!” I don’t think she can handle Mitch’s hold on her, and I wonder if the writers plan to use this to bring Tess out again? I wouldn’t object, as Tess is one of my favorite characters, but the fact still remains… many are going to need protection from Mitch in the coming months – and Jessica better savor in the fact that she has sexy Brody to wash away all her pain… Who won’t want a guy like that to give you a scrub down in the shower – definitely the hottest scene of the week!

There’s a new mayor in town – not the woman I wanted to see in office, but, under the circumstances, I think the writers made a good decision in having Viki step down. I had no doubt that Dorian would push her feelings for David to the curb in exchange for power – that’s just Dorian. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if David returned to stand by his woman, as Llanview’s ‘First Man’, if I’m to make a relative presidential joke out of this. On the other hand, maybe David’s finally had enough and will remain in London with his new Buchanan manservant, Neval, to take advantage of all his namesake has to offer.