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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (November 16 – 20)

Emotions exploded throughout the show this week, and though there were a few happy moments, most were filled with sadness. Let’s take a look at what stood out for me and see where your own thoughts fall into place with mine – agree, disagree… I want to hear them all!

I was so sad to see the finality of John Brotherton’s (Jared Banks) two year run on the show, and the depths of sadness that came from Natalie, as well as Charlie, but the scenes that were filled with the most intensity this week, for me, were the ones from the Napa vineyard – Charlie almost strangling Mitch, Mitch taunting John (not in that order), and John at the end of his rope, almost putting a bullet in Mitch’s sick head. I can already see where the writers are going to take this, and it reminds me of John from the old days – a man consumed with many haunting demons. Though fans often wonder if it’s possible for John to ever be happy, me included, I’m beginning to think that’s just not in the cards for this character. John’s at his best when he’s playing the introverted hero, which ultimately promises his fans a high-strung, sexually-tension filled storyline to come – and I’m guessing this will bring him back to Natalie’s bed – or more appropriate, Natalie to his.

While Rex is having a hard time coming to terms with his parentage, Stacy and Kim, and her latest ploy to become the next Mrs. Clint Buchanan, are sure to play out big after Nora confesses that she and Bo are planning to reunite. Like I said before, I think Clint may very well latch onto Kim, who, by the way, cracked me up when I heard that she’d blackmailed many business-type husbands, who she’d lap-danced for, into giving her a reference for her fake resume. I used to think that Clint always belonged with Viki, but I hope that the show doesn’t take us there again, as Viki has proved to be Charlie’s soulmate – and he hers. Nora and Bo, thankfully, still have great chemistry together, so I couldn’t be happier that these two have finally given in to their feelings. When the dust settles, if someone doesn’t kill Mitch first, Rex, Jessica, Roxy, Dorian, Viki – the list goes on and on – are going to have their hands full with his presence in Llanview… and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch uses Kim and Stacy to his advantage – as well as some other unsuspecting people!

On Stacy and Kim getting caught with the pregnancy pad… The only thing I have to say is – please let this open Schuyler’s eyes to the fact that there’s more behind Stacy’s pregnancy than she’s letting on! Unfortunately… I’ll tease you and also say that Kim and Stacy aren’t done scamming those around them…