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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (November 9 – 13)

It’s Friday the 13th, and what a fitting, superstitious day it is to discuss all the craziness that made up this jam-packed week in Llanview, Napa, London and Michigan, and though I initially didn’t know where to dig in first, it’s only fitting that we start with what happened in Napa Valley, take a look at Mitch’s much anticipated return and dissect the happenings surrounding it!

I was a bit stunned by the skeletal remains of Nash – and very disappointed that they were shown. While I wasn’t against the digging up of Nash’s grave, and even the positioning of his remains in Napa, for Jessica to see, to show them took away from the scene for me. First of all, the remains made it appear as though Nash died and was buried with a permanent scream on his face, which wasn’t the case at all. It was a bit ‘propy’, as though the show borrowed the remains from some cheesy horror flick, and unreal for me, even though it could be possible that Mitch went the extra mile to open the mouth of Nash’s corpse and have him appear to be screaming from the grave. To wrap it up, the show, which has always displayed real life drama, aside from its special fantasy storylines, would have covered more ground in this viewer’s eye if they hadn’t shown the corpse and simply allowed us to imagine it through Jessica’s horrific emotions.

Not only did Mitch come back from the dead, but he’s Rex’s father! The man is certifiable, but I love the character! Why, you ask? Well, Mitch’s return is going to have a huge domino effect… He’s already traumatized Jessica in numerous ways, revealed Charlie’s secret, which led to Jared’s role in his plan, destroyed Natalie by killing Jared, got back at John by pulling one over on him, the list goes on and on, and the fallout from everything is going to take a very long time to rebuild.

The scenes in London reminded me of scrambled eggs… everyone was thrown into the mix, where Nora, Bo and Clint found out Tea had a daughter, Matthew and Dani realized the other’s connection to Tea, David decided to stay in London and Destiny headed back home – just rethinking about the episode makes my head spin. However, this fast pace is what keeps things moving on. The only complaint I have is that we’re going to be subjected to Nora and Bo keeping their secret a bit longer, which stinks because that’s one secret I can’t wait for to come out.

Speaking of fast pace, Matthew made his way to Seattle, and if the show had to bring another long lost child into the mix, I’m darn glad they cast Kelley Massal to play Dani – what a great addition to the show! She’s an awesome friend to Matthew, a daughter Tea felt as though she had to hide, one who Blair is trying to keep from Todd and the very person who has turned Ross’ emotions upside-down…