Updated on February 25:

Soaps.com just saw a behind the scenes video clip of Tika filming “Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming,” and we wanted to share it with her fans. Watch the video clip below and see if you can pick Tika out of the dancing crowd…

Previously Reported on November 10, 2009:

If you haven’t heard, the sequel to the 2007 hit film “Stomp The Yard,” is being filmed right now – and One Life to Live’s very own Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson) has landed a leading role!

Tika is currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia, and she will be playing opposite Collins Pennie, who recently played Malik Washburn in “Fame.”

Soaps.com wants to congratulate Tika on her new role! We’ll be sure to update readers with her character name, as well as the release date, when it’s made available. In the meantime, check out what other current movies are lighting up the box offices.

If you missed our past interview with Tika, you can still catch it in the One Life to Live News Room – and find out what Tika did before joining Daytime!