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“One Life in a Week!” (November 2 – 6)

A lot of things jumped out at me this week, most I was pleased with, yet there were other things that irritated me to the bone. Though lately I’ve been in a ranting mood, today I have a lot to rave about, and I’d love to hear what you think about what I’ve picked apart in Llanview below!

Since everyone knows that Mitch is returning from the dead, I can now elaborate a bit on some of the things that unfolded this week… It appears that Mitch has reverted back to his old ministry days, where he preyed upon women and brainwashed them into doing his dirty work. How convenient was it that Brody and Rex grew up together, in the same neighborhood, but never knew each other, yet Mitch, who appears to be behind this craziness to get Jessica and Natalie alone, was able to use Corrine and Nadine to aid him in his mission. I do think Brody could’ve struggled a bit more, while tied to the chair, having been a Navy Seal, but all in all I like how the story is beginning to unfold – and, of course, with John on the case, we knew Brody would be rescued sooner or later. For those who haven’t watched the new November Sweeps video clip, you’ll want to check that out in the News Room, as I can promise you the best is yet to come next week, things we’ve all been anticipating for months… Rex finds out who his father is, Nash’s remains are discovered, and everyone in Napa is about to meet the person behind all of the sabotaging – and it will finally be revealed how John Brotherton (Jared) will be leaving the show…

Now that the commitment ceremony is finally over I can honestly say that the highlight of the event for me was, of course, Kyle refusing to commit to Creepy Nick and finally deciding to throw caution to the wind and profess his love to Fish. However, when Roxy kissed that mouthy, annoying protester woman, saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it,” it was true Roxy form and a great addition to the scene!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the whole baby switch storyline began, and for all of you Marcie fans out there wasn’t it nice how the show tied in not only the fact that Hope’s a year old, but Marcie and Viki came together to remember Chloe as well – and the fact that a year later, Marcie and Michael are on their way to becoming parents. Speaking of which, look for Michael to show up next week!

Rachel let Shaun down easy, until he found out the truth about her and Greg, and I’m so happy the writers aren’t going to summit us to watching Rachel and Greg go behind Shaun’s back in order not to hurt him and therefore drag this storyline out for months. Does anyone else think it’s still a bit weird that Shaun is claiming to have loved Rachel? Again, I can see his upset at finding his brother kissing her but all this ‘I loved you’ talk is a bit much, as they never even had a chance to explore their relationship. It was nice to see Greg refuse a woman, for once, and not give in to Viv’s seductive foreplay – in the name of falling for Rachel. This is one couple who I absolutely despised and now label as one of my current favorites – great job, writers!

On the other hand, I’m pretty upset with the direction they are taking Ross, who appeared to have changed a bit since his earlier Llanview days. This guy was an instant fan favorite and to make him some crazed lunatic who has the capability to kill, and do who knows what else, it down right stinks. I’m hoping that the writers start to portray Ross as a father who wants another chance with his daughter – not some half-cocked deadbeat dad.