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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (October 26 – October 30)

What a cute addition to the show Dani is, anyone agree? I loved it when she so innocently listened to Matthew’s troubles then tried to contact her mom, the lawyer, who she labeled a ‘real shark’, to help him… if only Dani knew that her mother, Tea, already helped Matthew – and was fired by him as well! I can tell you that Dani won’t stop on her quest to help Matthew, and it’s going to be very entertaining indeed… And now with Ross racing off to London, Tea won’t be far behind, as well as Destiny and David, which makes me happy – anything to get David away from Dorian and her masquerade, which jumps into high gear next week!

We knew the kiss between Nora and Bo was bound to replay itself, sooner or later, and I am so happy that these two are finally forced to face their past feelings. There’s still a long road ahead for them, involving Matthew, and I’m looking forward to seeing what path they’ll ultimately take for their future together as a couple – and how Clint will react to his wife and brother’s issues.

By Ross going along with Tea, and walking away from Blair, after finding Todd in Blair’s bedroom, proved to me that his first priority is not to woo Blair but to find his daughter. One thing that was a bit confusing for me… After they’d left Todd and Blair upstairs, Ross made a point to remind Tea that Todd still didn’t know about Dani. If Ross was sure that Dani was his, why would it matter if Todd knew about his daughter with Tea? At first I thought maybe Ross was aware that Dani was really Todd’s, but after thinking the scene through, I think Ross just said that to comfort Tea, in some small way, meaning since Todd didn’t know about their daughter, there could still be a chance for Tea and Todd, as well as for Ross and Blair.

The scenes with Fish and Cris were a hoot. I think Cris put his shirt on, when Fish came home, thinking his shirtlessness would make Fish feel uncomfortable, but when Fish said, “Cris, don’t worry, you’re not really my type,” I laughed out loud. Aside from Langston, Markko, Starr and Cole, there really aren’t many ‘true friends’ in Llanview, so it’s really nice to see Cris, Fish and Layla pulling together to support each other – I just wish Cris and Layla didn’t have their own issues. I really don’t have much invested in Layla’s character, but I always have in Cris’. I want so much for him to fall head over heels for someone without a bunch of drama and baggage in the mix. He’s never had luck in the women department, and I’d like to see things change for this character.

Props to Fish for finally standing up for himself and his rights – and believing in the man he is! I can’t wait until next week and can promise that the rally is going to change many lives.