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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (October 19 – October 23)

Cris finally took the step and planted a wet one on Layla this week. As I stated before, I’m not really feeling these two as a couple and the kiss didn’t change my mind at all. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this non-couple in distress… Being that they are still roommates, and two friends trying to support Fish, they are bound to give in to their desires in the near future.

Pamela Stuart showed up dead, and now Jared’s missing, but we are all left with one big question, “Whodunit?” and where the heck is Jared? I still don’t think that Jared is a murderer, and it’s a gimme that whoever is behind the mysterious text messages to Jared is the big boy, or girl, in charge – and I’m not talking about Pamela Stuart. The web the writers have weaved is still so tangled, can we really be sure who this mysterious person is? Mitch, Allison, Carlo, or even Spencer? Your guess is as good as mine, so please leave them below! As far as Jessica hearing the voice of Nash, we all know that voices can be altered, or incorporated from a past recording, so whoever is taunting Llanview has some technical genius on their side – I wish it really was Nash, but sadly, he’s dead and gone… And what’s with Brody’s sister calling him out of the blue? Could it be that someone has set it up so Jessica is alone in Llanview without her protector? At this point, anything is possible.

Kevin came back into the picture this week, and boy have I missed Dan Gauthier. I’m just sorry that we didn’t get to see him as long as we’d liked, and hope by the time Kelly makes her way back to Llanview in 2010 that the writers will change their minds and bring Kevin back with her. I’ll be interested to see how things go for Matthew at boarding school, especially now that we know Tea’s child also attends the same school. Back in Llanview, I don’t think Destiny is going to give up on reaching Matthew and we may just see her finding a way to get to London. She’s already voiced her worries to David, who does indeed have access to the Buchanan jet…

Dorian and this whole mass gay wedding plan… So far, the storyline is still boring me, and Nick is just downright creeping me out – not a fan, and I think the writers need to pull Kyle and Fish more into the mix. What did you think of Dorian’s last indulgence as a single straight woman – when she gave in to David’s kiss? David and Dorian were always a fun couple, but I really wouldn’t want them together again. As I said before, I loved the days when David and Kelly threw caution to the wind and would love to see them hook back up when she comes to town – if David is still in Llanview…