Irritation or hidden passion? (

Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (October 12 – October 16)

I couldn’t have been happier when Nora begged Greg to operate on Matthew – something she fought hard against but now felt she had no choice but to fight for. Rachel’s plea, on the other hand, was a bit weird… To ask Greg to assist in Matthew’s surgery for her, I could see – that would work since they are both evidently attracted to each other, but to imply that Greg do it for Shaun? Why? Because Shaun’s in love with Rachel or to right a wrong and prove to himself that just because Greg couldn’t help his brother maybe he could help Matthew? In any case, Greg fell for it, Shaun ended up coming out of the coma, and just when everyone was about to get what they’d asked for, Bo and Nora went and hijacked Matthew! As this storyline plays out, another huge revelation will unfold, which will have nothing to do with Matthew at all…

It was nice seeing Noelle back in the game this week, must be Moe is still in Texas and she’s filling in for him in the Manning kitchen, and as Super Nanny, etc. I bet she didn’t plan on having to threaten a hot burglar with a rolling-pin – good thing Jack was there to stop Ross in his tracks because we know there’s one thing Noelle likes more than pies – gossip, and I bet Ross could have squirmed his way out of Todd’s with Tea’s briefcase after spilling a few stories her way – and batting those delicious eyes of his at her. Moe is like Apple pie, everyone likes it, but Ross is like blueberry cheese cake, a sweet taste that is desired by many!

Blair conveniently lost her memory, but that’s okay with me, why? Because I think if Blair is the one to tell Todd the truth Todd may resent her – and I want these two back together, fighting together and raising their family together. On that note, I was impressed with the exchange between Tea and Todd, and though they had many accusations to throw at each other, in the end Todd admitted that he wanted her to give him a reason to fight for them. So, my question is, did Tea walk away, so she could keep her child a secret or has she finally had enough? I’m guessing the first reason. How sweet was Ross to bust out of custody just to make sure Blair was okay? I laughed the whole way through him taunting Fish, like any tough guy would, then wanted to clap ‘bravo’ when Fish had finally had enough and tasered him – not that I liked watching my sexy surfer flopping around on the floor like a Fish, no pun intended.