Back on August 4 when the news was announced that One Life to Live would be moving into the All My Children studios, while its sister site relocated Pine Valley to California, there was much anticipation for the show to be offered in High Definition.

Unfortunately, those plans have now been put aside for the time being, and ABC claims this decision has nothing to do with the cancellation rumors or the direct future of the show and asks that the fans not connect the two.

In order to make the change to High Definition, the network must put forth millions, such as the amount of $3,000,000 it paid for General Hospital to make the switch, and though they plan to revisit the idea in the future, again, it will be put on hold. In this economic state, this does not come as a shock. urges the show’s fans to continue to tune in daily to show their support with the hope of many more years of Llanview entertainment to come!