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“One Life in a Week!” (September 28 – October 2)

If I have to see Tea cry one more time I think I’m going to upchuck all over my keyboard! Though the actress does a remarkable job at making the scenes real, I’m just so sick of the crying – that’s all Tea does! I, for one, am glad that the truth is all coming out – and that Tea and Ross finally came face to face – but the best is yet to come, as we are about to find out, as will Blair, what Tea’s really hiding – and I don’t mean that her real name is Mrs. Ross Rayburn. Speaking of my favorite unemployed surfer, Ross and Blair’s scenes were amazing this week! It was a nice change to see the different backdrop, with them racing through the water after Ross forced Blair onto the boat. In case you’re wondering where the show shot the scenes, Kassie (Blair) spilled the details to me – to pass along to you!

Here we go round the mulberry bush… Watching Kim and Stacy’s scenes make me feel as though I’m back in pre-school again. Wait a minute, did I even go to preschool? Anyway, these two have been well out of high school for some time now, and it’s ridiculous that they are resorting to this childish banter to break Gigi and Rex up – but even more importantly, what the heck has happened to Rex? He’s gone from a rebellious adolescent to a responsible business owner/new father to a total sap. It’s one thing to agree to be there for Stacy, where the baby is concerned, throughout the pregnancy, but to pay for Kim’s unlimited tab at Ultraviolet and to allow himself to be pulled into their games is utterly out of character and, again, totally ridiculous… Oh where oh where has my little Rex gone, oh where oh where can he be? Yeah, I must have gone to pre-school… and with Kim pulling naïve Schuyler, and a suddenly jealous Gigi, into the game of cat and mouse, a few more nursery songs come to mind, but I’m a writer, not a singer, so I’ll carry on with my Llanview thoughts…

I’m a huge fan of the show bringing musical guests to Llanview, which would only make sense since Llanview has two great clubs and one tavern, as I like to think of Rodi’s as – I just wish John would get on the ball and have someone rockin’ play there… I heard Creed is making a comeback! Listening to Lionel Richie brought me back to my old stomping grounds – the 80’s – and had me remembering some of his hits that made it big throughout that decade. I was disappointed that the show didn’t use him more in the episode – they have with others in the past, and Lionel is a true musical icon!

Okay, so Langston and Markko were working on a project for school one minute then making love in the next… Since we were the only ones to realize that Markko and Langston never shut off the camera before hitting the couch, we can pretty much guess that Markko’s teacher is going to get a lot more than they asked for in regards to the college video project Langston helped him with. This is a fun storyline, even if it’s, again, a predictable one – I guessed this was going to happen the second Markko said ‘video project’ and the words ‘opps, the camera is still on’ never left Markko’s mouth.