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“One Life in a Week!” (June 22 – June 26)

Rex and Stacy, oh I don’t even want to go there, but have no choice… I was so happy that Bo tried to remind Rex of what’s important in life – a lot of good that did, since ‘little Rex’ won over. Though Rex is supposed to be this smart private investigator, we can’t totally blame Rex in all of this – seeing as he’s a man who’s had his heart broken. He thinks the girl he loves cheated on him, and though it is a bit gullible for Rex to believe Stacy’s act, I think there are a lot of guys out there who would as well. In any case, it’s nice to see Rex still being a good father and trying to make Shane realize that he only has one mother, one who loves him dearly. I just cringe whenever I hear Shane talking like his Aunt Stacy – and have to fight the urge to get out the soap, jump through the screen and wash that little boy’s mouth out!

I’m loving the friendship between Schuyler and Gigi, and if it wasn’t apparent that Rex and Gigi belonged together, the writers would have a super hot couple in Gigi and Schuyler! Hey, you never know… after Rex reveals just how far he’s gone with Stacy, which made me want to toss my cookies (but I didn’t want to ruin my keyboard), Gigi may turn to the sexy suspended teacher for a little lesson in fun love. I loved it when Schuyler manhandled Kyle at the gym and when he urged Gigi to confess the truth to Natalie and Jared. By the way, where have Mr. and Mrs. Banks been, on a shotgun honeymoon to match their wedding?

Let’s pause before going any further to give a shout out to John-Paul (Rex) and Mark (Brody) for that hot steam room scene! It was a scorcher that day, Wednesday, here in New York, and even though I had my air conditioner on, I found myself grabbing my spoiler sheet that ABC sent to me to fan away the heat!

The writers haven’t taken my pleas seriously and are continuing to make Cris appear as this whiny, obvious man with a little boy crush on his roommate. Fish is onto something… yes, no matter what Cris says, he is into Layla – or he wouldn’t be laying on the dating advice – or questions – so darn thick. On a positive note, I do like the little hints the writers are giving us into Fish and Kyle’s past and/or sexuality… Kyle to Fish, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you,” Fish to Cris, “Nice pecks,” and last week when Kyle said to Gigi, “I doubt there’s anything you have that would interest me.” I look forward to seeing this storyline develop! If we could only clue Cris in – and let him know he has nothing to worry about in regards to Fish – maybe the man would get a hobby and quit jonesing over Layla, or do something about it!