If you think Tuc Watkins is hilarious as One Life to Live’s David Vickers, you’ll really like his new video: “The Sentimentalist!”

Apparently a spoof of the CBS drama, “The Mentalist,” and co-written by Tuc and Wendy Molyneux, Tuc plays Detective Jacob Barone, who is anything but your normal detective… He’s one who like hugs, wants to hand out friendship bracelets and would rather take time out to bond with a dog than cuff a wanted criminal!

If we’ve piqued your interest, stop on over to Funny or Die to see Tuc in action today!

Remember, Tuc will be returning to Llanview this summer, so stay tuned to many upcoming scenes where he’ll be interacting with who else, Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser)! Soaps.com wants to know, what kind of storyline would you like to see David involved in? Please share your ideas below!