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“One Life in a Week!” (June 15 – June 19)

While I was upset last week with the fast pace of the Cole/Starr/Hope reunion/handing her off to Marcie scene, the happenings in Starr’s bedroom, where Marcie gave Hope back to Starr, was emotional, heartfelt, and one of Kathy Brier’s best performances during her seven years with the show. I will miss Chris Stack, as I didn’t feel I got to know him as Michael as much as I would have liked, but I want to take this opportunity to wish both of the actors the very best in their careers – and what better way for them to leave Llanview than to have Marcie finally be able to give Michael a child of their own!

Again, Jessica managed to break my heart during her visit to Nash’s grave and again at Chloe’s burial. For those of you who don’t remember, or who weren’t watching, to understand what Jessica meant by tracing the heart on Chloe’s coffin, and asking her to give the heart to Nash, saying, “He’ll know who it’s from,” I’ve included a video clip of Nash’s death, where you can see for yourself exactly what it means. Warning: Grab a box of tissues before viewing!

The Mannings went back to court, and Todd went back to his old ways – getting what he wanted without thinking of the repercussions to Tea’s career. However, in Todd’s defense, and Tea’s short-term memory, wasn’t she worried that a judge would come in and have her disbarred when she had sex with Todd in the courtroom not too long ago? How soon we forget… Either Todd really cares for Tea or he has more to gain from having her live with him – because not many millionaires would just book a whole hotel to force someone they had no use for move in with them, or would they? I can’t wait to see how Todd, Tea and Blair are going to manage living under one roof – and who will come out on top during all of the scheming!

It was nice to see Nora and Bo pulling for Cole, after what he took from Matthew – even if Cole never intended to paralyze his good friend. He’s made some really bad choices, but the poor kid just can’t catch a break, especially realizing that he’d have to go to prison right when he finally got the news he’d been hoping for since finding out that Starr was pregnant – that he would be able to not only keep his daughter but raise her with Starr. His marriage proposal to Starr was something that ‘Sole’ fans have been hoping for, and Starr’s promise to wait for him until his prison release topped the scene. At this moment, these two have more relationship values than a lot of people in Llanview!