Ray leaves Dorian and Llanview behind. (Soaps.com)

Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (June 8 – June 12)

Typical John, and his ‘the system did me wrong now I’m not going back’ attitude. I’ll admit, John is the hottest bar owner that I know, but he’s an even hotter detective – one who has ‘the law’ running through his veins, so I’m sure he’ll overcome his tantrum and head back to the force soon. I wasn’t surprised that John laid it all out for Blair and admitted that he wanted to see where he and Marty were going, but I do think Blair was a little naïve to think that they could make it work, even given their previous relationship. I think we’ll be seeing a bit more Blair/Todd battles on the horizon, given this latest custody battle, but I have no doubt that these two will once again find their way back to each other – it may just take a bit longer with Tea in the mix. As for John and Marty… I promised I would give them a shot, so that’s exactly what I’m doing – stay tuned for that rant!

After months upon months of waiting for this reunion I think it was a little blasé and could have been filled with so much more emotion. Everyone treated Hope like she was a lost pet who had been living with another family for years, and they just handed her over so fast. I know, everyone planned to make the transition a quick one, but I wasn’t fulfilled with the scene. Let’s hope the writers are leaving the full-fledged emotions for when Michael and Marcie decide to leave town and head to Seattle when Michael gets a new job offer… I did like seeing Todd’s fraternal side explode. I know he’s always loved his kids, and shown it – when not scheming, but I really got a kick out of watching him smiling and cooing over Starr and his granddaughter.

Just when I thought the scenes between Brody and Jessica couldn’t get any better, Mark Lawson (Brody) goes and cries right along with Bree Williamson (Jessica), making the scene in the nursery one to go down in soap history! It went beyond touching, and I am now convinced that Jessica is going to be just fine – with Brody there to hold her along the way. On another note, I enjoyed the reconnection between Natalie and Jessica and think that Natalie handled her explanation to Michael and Marcie the best that she could.