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“One Life in a Week!” (June 1 – June 5)

Brody admitted that he loved Jessica, and though Jessica has not only lost a child who she thought was hers, and now has to deal with the death of the real Chloe, not too many characters get to have another ‘great love’ waiting there to help pick up the pieces. Brody has become another Nash, in my eyes, for Jessica, and I look forward to watching these two grow.

How else was Viki supposed to get Bess under control… of course, with Jean Randolph! I must admit, I wish, for once, the writers could just let Jessica get through her issues without having one of Viki’s alters there to guide her – as if we haven’t seen them enough over the years. While Viki’s D.I.D. storyline is played out, I think there could be many more plot twists involving Jessica’s D.I.D., without Niki or Jean getting involved. Bree Williamson gave us another stellar performance this week. There are not too many actresses who can pull off the emotions like Bree does, and again, she broke my heart and brought me to tears when she realized that her baby died – it was like losing Nash all over again… for both of us!

As you know, I’ve given Marcie a pretty hard time – in regards to this whole baby mess. However, I applauded her for telling Michael that she felt bad being happy while everyone else would be forced to lose Hope – again – and her concern for Jessica’s state of mind made her redeemable to me. With that being said, I hope the baby stays in Llanview, with her parents, Cole and Starr, because these two are no longer a couple of teens who aren’t ready for a child. They’ve had to go through so much since Hope’s birth that it would be almost unforgivable, in most fans’ eyes, if the writers allowed Marcie and Michael to take baby Hope away with them.