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Recently, I caught up with returning One Life to Live actor Sean Moynihan (Powell Lord) on his big surprise visit back to the show, which debuts today!

We haven’t seen his character since Powell was sent to a psychiatric hospital, after the rape of Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (Susan Haskell), so I wanted to touch base on what it was like for him to return to the studio, and storyline, after all of these years – especially since he’s involved in one of the biggest storylines onscreen now. “I was shocked when I heard from the show after 14 years,” Sean explained. “Returning to the set was like walking back in time: I saw all these familiar faces in the cast and crew and everyone was so warm and welcoming. In particular, cast members Trevor St. John [Todd Manning], Michael Easton [John McBain], Susan Haskell [Marty Thornhart], Kassie Wesley [DePaiva, Blair McBain], and Florencia Lozano [Tea Delgado] – all of whom I had scenes with – were so good to me and really wanted me to feel comfortable during the stress of taping. I can’t thank them enough.

For you longtime viewers, you’ll remember that Sean played alongside Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning), so naturally I wondered if there were any differences between working with Roger as Todd compared to Trevor St. John, who took over the role from Roger back in May 2003. “As to the differences, if any, between Trevor and Roger Howarth, I think both are fabulous actors who treat their craft very seriously,” Sean spoke highly of. “Trevor, who, it became apparent to me early on, is a very thoughtful and intelligent guy, was very scrupulous about making sure the script was as realistic as possible. He was constantly asking questions about what his character would or would not do and wanted each moment to be as honest as possible. Roger – like all of us back then – was a very young actor who just liked to “go from the gut” and see what happened. But both were terrific to work with and always gave a lot to work off of in scenes.”