Though her character, Talia Sahid, just met her fate after the Llanview Slasher stabbed her to death, One Life to Live’s BethAnn Bonner will be appearing in Primetime!

The episode details have yet to be released, but you can expect to see BethAnn on May 13’s “Law and Order!” If that wasn’t great enough, you’ll never guess what else BethAnn has suddenly found on her plate – as of today, she’s started filming on Guiding Light! All BethAnn would let on about this new role is, “Let me just say I will be playing a character that is the complete opposite of Talia.” is very excited for BethAnn, and though we already miss her dearly on One Life, we want to send her our very best for her upcoming CBS role! Stay tuned to our Guiding Light News Room for more details as they come!