Hang onto your hats, fans, Soaps.com has some huge casting news for you!

One Life to Live will be bringing back two major characters very soon – Rebecca Lewis and Powell Lord!

Though Rebecca will now be played by Jessica Kaye, Sean Moynihan will resume his role as Powell, who has been in a mental institution all of these years!

We last saw Rebecca, previously played by Reiko Aylesworth. After Powell was sent away to the mental institution. If you remember, Rebecca wasn’t only one of Todd’s past loves, but she was Powell’s ex-fiancée as well!

** Spoiler Warning **

Though it hasn’t been said yet if either of these returning characters are indeed the killer who has been running through Llanview, Powell will first be seen on April 30 when Marty and John find him still in the mental institution. However, Rebecca will appear on canvas on May 1 when she visits Powell. Funny thing is, she’ll be wear a doctor’s coat with the name tag Dr. Marty Saybrooke on it!

Stay tuned, as we’ll keep you posted through our One Life to Live Spoilers page, as more details are released!

Soaps.com wants to welcome these two actors to the show! Things have just been kicked up one more notch!