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“One Life in a Week!” (April 13 – April 17)

I must say, given how some soaps have a knack at dragging out certain storylines, I was very impressed that the show didn’t drag out the hostage situation too long. It was a perfect length, a few episodes, and it ended with a bang – literally – and a very unnecessary bang, if you ask me. John was wrestling Zach, and Todd grabbed the gun. Zach wasn’t going to get away. Yet Todd couldn’t help himself… He aimed and shot – like it was some carnival game, never worrying that he could have shot John instead! I know he doesn’t like his kids’ new stepfather, but really, was shooting John worth going back to the slammer? Only in Toddland! Speaking of Toddland, only Todd could get away with talking to a woman like he talked to Tea! Wow, I’ve heard of using reverse psychology to get what you want, and have even tried it myself, but man, Tea fell into his ploy hook, line and sinker – so we thought… Tea turned the tables on Todd, took what she wanted and left him stewing! If I had to answer if I thought the scenes between these two were hot this week, I’d definitely say yes!

During my interview with John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom) this past Tuesday, we talked about Rex and Gigi a lot, and he even gave me a few teasers for what’s to come – go check it out! I wanted to reach through the screen on Monday and prevent Rex from interrupting Gigi from telling Jessica the truth about Brody – because I so badly wanted Rex to hear the truth! This storyline absolutely drives me mad, and it could be handled so differently by Gigi, and easily so. I was glad to see Schuyler become suspicious of Stacy and hated seeing him grovel for her affection like he did – next thing you know, he’ll be turning to drugs again. Please One Life, keep this man the strong character he came to Llanview as. We don’t need any more distressed Llanview residents!

All of the evidence surrounding Chloe’s paternity has been destroy – all but the lock of hair in Starr’s locket, which the show made us painfully aware of. First Cole found the locket at Todd’s then Natalie and Jared remembered it while basking in the afterglow of burning the evidence in a trashcan inside Llanfair. I laughed over the whole sex DVD explanation that Jared gave Jessica when she went to borrow what she thought was a movie – having no idea it was the hospital surveillance DVD. I didn’t laugh at the scenario itself but rather at Natalie’s shock that Jared even said such a thing to Jessica! I mean, come on, we all know Natalie has a feisty side. Would it be so hard to imagine that she and Jared would have made a little DVD for their own viewing pleasure?