Credit: Photo Credit: Farah Fath MySpace

After chatting it up with One Life to Live’s John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom) about his time on the Soap Opera Mania Tour, which you can read in our OLTL’s News Room, John-Paul and I turned the interview to his Llanview character, Rex Balsom, where he gave us some insight into what makes Rex tick, his favorite storyline and many other fun issues – like how it feels to work alongside his real-life girlfriend Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco)!

Over the years, Rex has been thrown into many storylines, so when I asked John-Paul if he had a favorite, he replied, ” I do have a favorite… I know that some fans liked it, and others hated it, but the best for me was the 1968 storyline. A lot of fans had a hard time splitting their imaginations, but we, as actors, were able to let ourselves go. I loved working so closely with Robert Woods [Bo Buchanan], riding a horse for the first time, the music and the editing – it was the best. It was the coming together for Rex and Gigi, and great characters got to hover over the one storyline.” As John-Paul remembered back, he expressed, “It was a wild ride, the best storyline I could ever ask for, the best summer of my life. If I’d known how great it was going to be, I would have enjoyed it more!”

We’ve watched Rex evolve from being the carefree playboy, to a married turned divorced man, to a new dad, which is something totally new for Rex. When I wondered if there was anything that helped John-Paul get into ‘dad-mode’, he very honestly answered, “I don’t know how I got into dad mode… I don’t have kids or a dog – I used to have a goldfish.” He laughed as an afterthought. “I hope I’m doing an okay job because I don’t even want kids. I was very surprised that Rex grew up to have a ten year old. They [the writers] had Rex grow up very fast. He’s been playing it safe, and I’m kind of anxious to see if they’re planning to have Rex screw things up, maybe digress in some way and be forced to face the effects that it has on those he loves.”

While John-Paul was being so open about his character and all that surrounds him, I was curious as to what’s to come for the Balsom/Morasco clan as a whole – and he gave us some great teasers! “What you’re seeing now is going to play out a bit longer,” John-Paul admits. “Gigi keeping secrets from Rex, Rex being on Stacy’s [Crystal Hunt] side… It’ll get deeper, a sadder drama, Stacy will dig her way into Rex even more after Shane’s [Austin Williams] transplant.”