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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (April 6 – April 10)

It was nice to see David Vickers back onscreen this week, and even funnier to see the look on Dorian’s face when she watched his commercial promoting hemorrhoid cream! (If you missed it, I posted the full commercial video clip in the One Life to Live News Room) I thought Ray was going to lose it while watching the commercial with Dorian. Did any of you watch Santa Barbara back in the day when A Martinez (Ray) played Cruz? These seducing scenes he’s playing with Dorian has brought my memories of Cruz rushing back – and how much sex appeal A Martinez puts into his characters – come on, everyone, on three… one, two, three – hot! Unfortunately, the actor will again be leaving Llanview in the coming months, and, to say the least, the show is losing a big chance to have a new character evolve into a main player – as I know Ray could have been one day.

Is there something in Llanview’s water? Why in the heck would Kyle so easily agree to Stacy’s plan – and risk his job? All he has to do is go to Rex and Gigi and tell them about John Doe, knowing that Roxy will then come forward for her grandson. But no, he’s going to risk his entire career for a girl with a stripper business card. Blows my mind…

So Natalie and Jared have decided to keep Chloe’s paternity a secret – no big surprise there… Remember what I said a couple of weeks ago, both Jessica and Brody are going to fall in love with little Chloe just to have her ripped away – not a spoiler, just a feeling.

I know she just returned and all, but I’m not feeling the Rachel character. I think the show should concentrate on keeping such characters as Michael McBain, Ray Montez and Talia Sahid before bringing anyone else back. If you didn’t guess already, Rachel is going to be Cole’s new counselor, but I really feel that he can overcome his drug addiction ‘behind closed doors’, out of the viewers’ view, if you will, just the same as he could with Rachel’s help.