Antonio left Llanview back on March 25, on the hunt for Carlo Hesser, but he’ll soon be making a brief return!

Although Kamar de los Reyes made the choice to not re-sign with the show, and had taped his last episode on January 27, in order to wrap up BethAnn Bonner’s (Talia Sahid’s) exit, he’ll soon be coming back to Llanview.

The question is, what will bring Antonio back? Will it be to say good-bye to Talia, as she heads off to destinations unknown, or will there be a more devastating reason for Antonio to return? Stay tuned, as everything is about to fall into place very soon! BethAnn will last air on April 17. is happy to be able to see Antonio in Llanview one more time, and we will miss both he and Talia once their character’s time comes to an end.