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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (March 30 – April 3)

How funny was it that Schuyler ended up being Cole’s drug counselor? Though the tension in the room was thick, I’m glad Schuyler gave Cole a piece of his mind, as he knows what Cole needs more than anyone! And for Cole to refrain from slugging Schuyler… maybe this means he’s finally seeing the light. Good news is, Cole will be assigned to a new counselor – Rachel Gannon!

I really like what’s going on between Ray and Dorian. Though Dorian wouldn’t have been my pick for Ray, it’s nice to see someone attracted to Dorian, who will not put up with her scheming – or will be apt to be schemed by her! My favorite gangster returned this week, the ever so sexy, yes, Jackie McNaughton, the man who seems to get even more ruggedly handsome with age! Yes, I know, he’s probably old enough to be my grandfather, but what can I say – I’ve always had a thing for him! Just another bad boy to add to my list!

Who didn’t laugh their head off when John was trying to play daddy to little Jack, who told John that his dad, Todd, said John spent all of his money on beer and black clothes! Hey, my kind of guy! If only John knew, while Jack was reading him the riot act, Todd was trying to put a hit on the new Mr. Blair Cramer!

You know what some say about marriage, it’s just a piece of paper – it’s the couple who makes a marriage strong and filled with love. As for John and Blair’s so-called marriage, I think it’s just going to be more of the same hoopla that their so-called relationship has held – and when it appears not to be working anymore, and they’re looking for an excuse to end it, they can always fall back on the reason they got married in the first place – for the sake of the kids.

It was so nice to see Hank back in Llanview – Hank the Cannon Gannon! Though I feel for Clint, and how he’s feeling helpless, where Nora’s concerned, unfortunately these things happen, and he’d be better off now to accept that Bo will be holding more of a place in Nora’s life than he will be. Fortunately, I never cared for Nora and Clint as a couple, so I’m not at all saddened by this.