Credit: Natalie's horror! (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for August 19:

Never have two episodes been filled with so much drama! Mysterious connections were revealed, true intentions were made apparent, and one of Llanview’s most well-known villains proved to be a big force in deciding what comes next. Let’s break down the season finale…

Cutter and Nikki’s business.
Other than working at the same club, and having a few rolls in the hay, it’s clear that there’s more behind Cutter and Nikki’s relationship. Nikki stated, “Just remember, we have business to take care of.” To which Cutter replied, “Exactly, and this can’t come between it.” Warning signs and memories of his past scores with Aubrey Wentworth/Kristine Karr point to a bigger score. This time toward a female Buchanan, namely Natalie verses Joey, as was the pre-reboot case. And much like the case with Aubrey falling for Joey, it looks as though Cutter has fallen for Natalie too. If my assessment is true, and Cutter and Nikki are trying to scam Natalie out of millions, the tables have turned on Cutter, making Nikki his loose end whereas he was once Aubrey’s.

Not a summer school drop-out.
It’s safe to say, considering Jack and Kate are still having sex, that Jack passed his summer school class with flying colors. While Jack’s infatuation with his teacher is understandable, the ongoing risky, illegal affair should have Kate running for the next school district. She became nervous about losing her job, should the truth come out, yet she had her most recent sex with Jack on her desk in the very same school that could put her behind bars for participating in such an act. Since the storyline didn’t come to a conclusion before season one ended, I’m hoping Kate gets a job, or has one already lined up, as a regular teacher so the character is forced to face her actions. Whether it’s legally or through her conscience, this storyline would be best served as more than just a summer fling for Jack.