Credit: David's Introduction. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Kyle’s “One Life in a Week” for August 12:

This week brought a brother-sister reveal, the start of the Man of the Year Gala and continued to provide additional edge to a character on the verge of becoming Llanview’s new villain. Let’s break it down…

Natalie and Cutter.
After last week’s letdown of their bedroom tango that didn’t happen on screen, they were back to arguing this week with Natalie wanting to know why Cutter tried to extort money from Clint and then seemingly patching things up after Cutter’s explanation. We viewers are very curious as to how soon we will get the chance to actually see what we waited so long for, only for it to have been more fizzle than fizz.

Clint and Viki.
I believe the more I see Viki yell at Clint about his drinking, the happier it makes me about this reboot because Viki seems a lot edgier and feistier than she has ever been. Sure, she’s got several personalities neatly tucked away inside her but the writers are sure allowing her to finally let loose with Clint about those scotch and pill combos being a no-no. Clint blamed Viki for losing his Man of the Year award but he has no one to blame but himself for getting wasted and causing ruckus at Shelter, only to have it be filmed. Clint found out the hard way that trying to bury secrets has become much more difficult, if not impossible.