Credit: Tattoo sighting. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for August 5:

This week brought two huge reveals, which left one fanbase extremely happy and sad at the same time, and gave one character a new edge that could very well send him down the road to becoming Llanview’s next villain. Let’s break it down…

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Manning.
The love scenes between Todd and Blair have been hot, emotional and filled with so much passion, and just a few weeks ago I had asked for more. Thank you! And boy did viewers get more in Monday’s episodes. Sure, we were forced to watch Todd and Blair agonize over him having to leave town in order to protect those he loved, but the added twist that the couple had secretly married was a shocker and a welcomed one at that. This isn’t the first time this couple has tied the knot, so it’ll be interesting to hear if they did it simply out of love or if there was a deeper reason during a time when the entire family’s safety is at stake. On a side note, when looking at the close-up of Todd’s wedding finger I couldn’t help but notice the underlying mark. It’s been told that the actor and his wife, Cari, had matching finger tattoos done when they got married. Looks as though the make-up department forgot to cover it up.

Natalie and Cutter’s first time falls flat.
Natalie and Cutter have been dancing around their attraction since day one and ever since viewers have been teased and waiting patiently for them to give in to their sexually-frustrated passion. Finally, last week they had a hot scene, leading up to them taking the plunge toward having sex. However, viewers weren’t given an all-access pass into what could have been an amazing ‘first time’. We were left to visualize in our own minds what could have been. Not cool, as this is Daytime, not some random romance novel. Writers, please don’t be afraid to leave some bedroom doors open in Llanview.