Credit: Take the leap. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 29:

It wouldn’t be the same if we went a few episodes without watching people boozing it up at Shelter, and this week we got a bonus… Clint drunk as a skunk and wanting to dance! There were also a few hit and miss kisses, romance woes and one man’s decision to protect his family. Let’s break it down…

You’re my Viki.
Clint’s gone on quite the bender lately having lost Viki, due to his decisions and lies. Last week he took a stand and refused to allow her to walk all over him for caring. So why did he act like a drunken fool on Monday with the sole purpose of getting her back? Bad writing or good comical scenes? This storyline has proven to be inconsistent through Clint’s theatrics but watching him try to punch his way into Shelter, to dance, then getting arrested by his own brother took the character from pure boring to borderline comical. Maybe a bit of David is rubbing off on his Uncle Clint.

Dani’s daddy issues.
I wish the doorman would have let Clint into Shelter. If he had it would have shortened the time we had to spend watching everyone rant and rave about Dani being out with Arturo. Jeffrey thought she was dealing with daddy issues, but most believed she was out to take everything a sugar daddy could offer. It’s no secret Dani’s confused and torn within her own family but to lean in and try to kiss Arturo… gross. Sure, he’s hot and mysterious, but the age gap is massive, and it’s going to be a bit weird if we have to watch these two have some secret affair. My bets are still on Arturo being out to get Victor and Todd. If this isn’t the case, the writers are wasting a very alluring new character with one who has nothing to compliment him with at all.