Credit: Talk to the hand! (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 22:

The creeper level hit a new high, Dorian’s mouth could very well cost her a few dollars, and Matthew may be in for a lot more than love in the afternoon. Let’s break it down…

Dani and the scarf.
It’s one thing to keep the beautiful scarf as a keepsake of her fallen friend, and yet totally another to wear it around town. For all Dani knows, Arturo is still ‘grieving’ Brianna and seeing the scarf around her neck over dinner might be a bit much for him to handle. Not to mention how uncomfortable most would feel to wear it so soon. The girl was just murdered. At the end on Monday’s episodes Arturo appeared to be a total creeper toward Dani, who obviously loved the attention. Dani may believe that Arturo is drawn to her in order to get through losing another very young girl who he supposedly loved, but she’s being naïve. If he’s on the up and up, I’ll eat crow, but for now the suspicion surrounding Arturo’s motives for his gifts and actions are too much to ignore. And when Dani’s family finds out that she’s being wined and dined by a man who could be her grandfather, they are going to flip their lids. Two kids in one family (Jack and Dani) with an interest in two very impressionable, older people could be devastating on so many levels.

Todd and Blair fans rejoiced when the couple decided to give their relationship another go. Jack, not so much. Not totally unexpected, but for the love of the soap Gods, please give us more sexy scenes verses their repetitive on again off again scenarios of the past. Their chemistry is too hot to keep behind closed doors!