Credit: Finally! (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 15:

Yesterday marked the 45th Anniversary for “One Life To Live,” and it’s such a joy that the show is still alive and delivering storylines that keep us asking, “What the hell?” Or sighing, “Oh no!” Or gushing, “Oh yes!” Or simply giving us that half hour to spend time with those characters we love and love to hate! This week was no different, and there was a lot of love in the afternoon. Let’s break it down…

All the fuss about Matthew.
Jeffrey tried to warn Dani to cool it with her negative attention toward Matthew in regard to Michelle, and it backfired with a visit from Destiny. Though she was supposed to calm Dani down, Destiny put Dani on the spot and asked why the heck she cared so much who Matthew dated. Finally, Destiny let her frustrations with Matthew out, which should do her wonders simply to have that built-up aggravation released. The only thing that would have made it more beneficial would have been if Matthew had been on the receiving end of her rage. In the end, Matthew was the winner of all releases, having bedded Michelle – the virgin. Is she really a virgin, or does this girl still have another motive for cozying up to the Buchanan?

A producer gained, a wife lost?
David has done Dorian wrong in the past, and she’s forgiven him. Asking him to promise an extra-marital kiss would never happen again was kind of repetitive, considering their past infidelities. Props to David for not groveling at Dorian’s feet and putting his career first, even though he was in the wrong to kiss Rama. Wrong or not, it gave the storyline an exciting edge. Dorian might not care about David’s career, but I can’t wait to see more filming of the reality show now that he has the backing of this new female producer.