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After all this time.

In honor of the upcoming 45th Anniversary of “One Life To Live” on July 15, 2013, asked some of the shows biggest stars to share their favorite memories from their time on the show, as well as the one storyline they are dying to tackle now that the show has been revived. Here’s what they had to say.

Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan):
My favorite memory was the total camaraderie and professionalism that surrounded the rape/mistrial storyline. It was the romance of Bo [Robert S. Woods] and Nora. It was beautifully written. The acting was riveting from everyone. We watched Roger Howarth [Todd Manning] turn Frat Boy No. 1 into a force. Susan Haskell [ex-Marty Saybrooke] transformed the town bad girl into a sympathetic victim. It pitted exes Hank Gannon and Nora against each other in the courtroom. It was six months that made everyone hold their breath.

I would love for Nora to have a major disability. I am a technical actress and would love to have that challenge. Maybe dementia, early onset of Alzheimer’s or maybe people just think she is demented ‘cuz she’s being poisoned or something. Is Lindsay [ex-Catherine Hickland] out of jail yet?

Florencia Lozano (Tea Delgado Lord):
I have many favorite acting moments but my favorite all time memory is mooning Bob Woods and Nathan Purdee [ex-Hank Gannon] on the steps on the old armory on 66th street as they drove away in a cab, after getting very drunk with Hillary B. Smith and Crystal Chapell [ex-Maggie Carpenter] in the make-up room. I also really loved doing the live week and seeing Bob Woods give me the thumbs up behind the set when I was done chewing out Roger Howarth on live TV.

I am dying to play my own evil twin, who seems angelic on the surface but in reality is a sadist who has no mercy and is hell bent on destruction.

Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan Banks):
My favorite memory is probably the first time my character had to be confrontational with Viki [Erika Slezak]. But there are so many to choose from I can’t swear that’s the only one [laughs]!

I’d love to see my character become bad again on the reboot. Not evil, just bad!

Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer):
My memories are made by the incredible friends I’ve made over the years. The scenes that stand out are the ones that I felt worked best as a collaborative effort by all. I’ve loved my job since day one.

I’d love to live happily ever after as Mrs. Todd Manning, kicking butt.