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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (January 26 – 30)

Do the week’s fly by for you, as they do for me? Can’t believe it is Friday again, but thanks so much for making a pit stop to the One Life to Live News Room at for my weekly thoughts! Let’s get on with the show – and what a week’s worth of episodes they were!

Todd gets a shot at Janet’s goods then escapes jail time – but lands himself back in court!

“If there’s anyone else who knows about your little plot, you are sunk!” Tea warned Todd after she halted him from being arrested for attempted rape – again… He’s back! It was so nice to see the depression leave Todd’s being and have the old Todd back – filled with confidence and a warning not to cross him! However, what Tea did by going to Starr for the sole purpose to make her feeling guilty about her father’s suicide attempt, tears or not, they were fake and she was wrong!

With Tea back in the mix of things, in and out of the courtroom, I found an old, old video clip of another time Tea was in court – defending Antonio Vega! Look carefully because you’ll also see a ‘blast from the past character’ – and the original actor who played Cristian Vega, Yorlin Madera!

Lola relives her childhood nightmare then falls into her cousin’s boyfriend’s arms!

“Then I woke up again… I went to their door, that’s when I saw my father on his knees beside my mother’s body,” Lola confessed to Tea… Well, it’s about time we found out how Lola’s mother was murdered! I feel for Lola, and her confusion, and I hope Tea can get to the bottom of her mother’s murder, but… I can’t help wonder if Lola is falling for her cousin’s man, Markko. If she is, this would definitely add a bit more drama to the already stressful situations at Llanview High!