Credit: (David Russell/The OnLine Network)

“She still has that hope but she is starting to look into other romantic possibilities as well.”

If you’ve been watching the “OLTL” reboot online, you recognize Laura Harrier as leggy single mom Destiny. If you haven’t been watching the addictive return of one of our favorite soaps, then you probably still recognize her from one of her many current modeling ad campaigns with Macy’s, American Eagle, and Target, or as the face for Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shaping Gel. Her picture is in magazines all over the country. Currently working on the movie musical “The Last 5 Years” starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, Harrier took the time to talk to before visiting her family in Chicago for the 4th of July holiday about how she got the role, missing out on meeting Snoop and what might be tattooed on Destiny’s back. Congratulations on getting the role.

Harrier: Thank you so much. It is really exciting and I am so happy about it. How did you get the part?

Harrier: I was called into the initial auditions, which were in New York, and I read a scene. It was just a normal audition and I didn’t think that much about it. I didn’t think I even did that great, honestly. And then I had a callback and I read with Rob Gorrie [Matthew] and there were a few other girls who did it as well. And then a few days after that I found out I got the part, so it was a pretty simple process, but it was fun. We know you’ve done lots of modeling work, but what about acting?

Harrier: I went to school for it and had done little small student films and things like that, but this is definitely my first major role and my first role as a series regular. It’s a kind of a big milestone for me. How did your family react when you got the role?

Harrier: They were super excited and proud of me. My grandma and my aunt were really into the show and at first they were freaking out just from the callback. But when they found out I was going to be on it they were just ecstatic. Everyone is really supportive and really happy for me. Was it difficult taking on a role made popular by another actress (Shenell Edmonds)?

Harrier: There was definitely pressure in the beginning because people really love Shenell and her interpretation of Destiny. She is a great actress and I really respected what she was doing. But she laid down the groundwork for Destiny’s teenage years and all these things that set the stage for now, what I’m doing, which is taking Destiny into adulthood. How different is Destiny’s life as a single mom to your reality? Is it difficult playing that role?

Harrier: Yes and no because I’m not a mother and I think you don’t really know what that’s like until you experience it. But at the same time I have a younger brother and younger cousins and people I really care for, and I just transfer my feelings for them to motherhood. I love kids and little Garrett [Young] is the cutest little kid ever. He is so amazing so it is super easy to hang out with him all day. He’s the best. It’s really fun hanging out with kids and I enjoy it.