Over the past few weeks, we have watched as many of Llanview’s teens have been experiencing their fair share of troubles. What was once a group of close-knit friends is now a scattered mess of lost souls walking the halls of Llanview High…

We have Cole turning to drugs to numb the pain of loss, rejection and confusion. Then there’s Matthew who is dealing with peer pressure and wondering if doing drugs will get him into the cool crowd. There’s Lola, who is dealing with some resurfacing bad memories and turning to the arms of her cousin’s boyfriend! Poor Starr, not only is she still grieving her baby’s death, she’s dealing with her father’s part in it – and the fact that he was willing to end his life just to make Cole’s mother happy! Langston and Marrko, though they appear to be the most together of them all, we have to wonder when the next shoe will drop for them as well!

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