First tattoo. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 1:

This week had some on the warpath for more than one reason. The tramp-stamp lived on. Uncertainties continued and a few became enlightened. Let’s break it down…

Dorian stirs up her witches brew.
Dorian is at her best when she’s stewing and a few more ingredients have been added to her witches brew. The cauldron is about to bubble over once she uncovers how Viki was able to get her money out of the Pellegrino Fund before it collapsed and there’s no way Dorian is going to let that issue drop until her enemy pays. Aside from that, Dorian couldn’t convince David that she’s a sure fit to be his leading on-air lady but got a taste of how much Rama is enjoying the role. Dorian walked out of Shelter with her dignity intact, but she’s no fool. David has strayed before and from the looks of things he might just go there again after questioning Rama’s open marriage. I say bring it on!

Faking Victor’s death.
This storyline was at a standstill and only delivered more distrust and worry. Todd’s plan is to pass off a dead body as Victor’s, but does he plan to have the tattoo artist ink Victor’s tattoo on Robert’s dead body? If so, how will he explain the non-DNA match? So many unanswered questions.

Clint and the Buchanan-way.
On the flip-side, the writers dropped the ball on having Natalie forgive Clint so quickly. It wasn’t a big surprise, but since Clint seems to have all sorts of connections Natalie should have insisted he find a way to make this right with John. ASAP! Frankly, the Buchanan-way or not, Natalie let Clint off way too easily.