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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for June 4 and 6:

This week was all about stepping up to the plate. Todd went all diva and polished his nails green in order to spend quality time with Dani, Matthew bought stock in paper towels after realizing toddlers need lids on their cups to avoid a wet crotch, and Tea continued to ask for help, which isn’t something she’s accustomed to doing. Let’s break it all down…

Caution: Add lid to prevent spilling:
Boy, it would be nice if we could put a lid on everything in our life to prevent overflowing messes. It was good to see Matthew trying to incorporate himself into Drew’s life. ‘A’ for trying, a big ‘F’ for not realizing toddlers need lids on their cups. Baby steps… Destiny was a bit harsh on Matthew, who was punished for the mistake with a wet crotch, but her frustration and stress with the situation is understandable and real. Therefore, she gets a free pass. Snoop’s fatherly advice was a perfect interjection to show how one’s ignorance of a situation could very well lead to a lifetime of regrets. Let’s hope Matthew puts his big boy pants on and spends more time trying to fill his daddy shoes.

On a side note, fellow writer Hollie Deese expressed an issue she had with Destiny’s revealing wardrobe and stated, in reference to Destiny’s legs, “While they are incredible, I am trying to wrap my head around wearing skirts that short with a kid that small. Every day. There is no way her whole lady business would not be hanging out all the time with all the bending, picking up, squatting, etc. Geez. Get a pair of skinny jeans already! It must be because I have a 2 year old.” Though it never crossed my mind, because my kids are older and I’m no longer having to clean up after them in that capacity, what do you think? Is Destiny dressing too sexy for a young mom? Share your comments below.