Credit: Taking the edge off. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 28 and 30:

A new Snoop was reintroduced to Llanview, great fun. Drugs and drinks consumed many, normal for the party scene. And a past character was written totally out of character, without even making an appearance. Let’s break it all down…

Snoop’s reincarnation.
Bo didn’t appear too surprised that Snoop turned his life around yet again after a trip to Jamaica by changing his name from ‘Dogg’ to ‘Lion’. Regardless of his reincarnation, as a big Snoop fan it was nice to see him back in Llanview. Bo has been there for so many people, and Snoop’s support where Matthew’s concerned was just what he needed. Clint should be ashamed of himself for throwing a guilt trip on Bo and making him doubt himself as a father. Anyone who has kids has felt guilty and blamed themselves at one point or another for the choices they’ve made. There was no need for Clint, who hasn’t had the best track record as a father, to throw salt in the wound. Hopefully Snoop can open Matthew’s eyes because he was right when telling Bo that Matthew’s a grown man now and the ‘deadbeat dad theme’ week after week is getting old fast.

Breeding ground for drug use.
Shelter isn’t any different than any other club out there these days. Dani overdosed there, men openly displayed drugs in the VIP section and now pills are being exchanged right under Blair’s nose. With Dusky’s initial admission that she likes to party before going on stage she could very well be the next to fall into Shelter’s drug scene, considering she’s underage and had been warned not to drink. Blair should keep a better eye on her place before something big goes down. And in Daytime, everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before that happens, especially now that it’s obvious someone cut the power to the club.