Remember last February when Llanview held the Go Red Ball? Well, One Life to Live is bringing the theme back to the canvas again this February!

Who could forget this storyline when Allison Perkins returned, claiming to have a huge secret, only to slip into a coma and take it with her? So many things were left unspoken and now we are about to watch as the residents of Llanview attend yet another ball! However, will Allison be making a return to tell her secret once and for all?

Although the show is keeping the details hush-hush, and no one is saying if Allison will indeed return, we can tell you that the Go Red Ball will be a huge payoff for a major storyline – and a familiar face will return to Llanview for it!

Until then, here’s a video clip to bring back some of the events from last year’s ball… will keep you posted, but we are definitely looking forward to the excitement of this year’s ball!